piaggio MP3 350


The new 350 cc engine replaces the 300 cc engine, offering significantly superior performance. The finishings of the Piaggio MP3 350 are similar to those of the Piaggio MP3 500 Sport and include numerous matt black items, including the 5 split spoke tyre rims. Standard equipment includes three wavy brake discs, while the red spring for the shock absorbers highlights the dynamic character. There are five dedicated colour schemes for the 350 version: Black, Grey and Green, all three matt, besides the classic pastel White and the new pastel Grey, both glossy.

The Piaggio 350 engine: minimal footprint, great performance

The 350 cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooling, electronic injection engine makes its début on the Piaggio MP3 and represents the state of the art in maxiscooter engines. Already appreciated on the Piaggio Beverly 350, it is considered one of the best engines ever built for the segment since it offers performance comparable to a 400 cc, with the limited weight and footprint of a 300 cc engine.

The head-engine block-piston assembly was designed for the ultimate optimisation of fluid dynamics using solutions capable of increasing performance and at the same time reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The stroke ratio (69 mm x 78 mm) was selected to guarantee improved output for lower speeds and partial loads and to provide greater elasticity of use. The reed valve, dry-sump lubrication system reduces both loss of power due to sloshing as well as the size of the oil pan and engine footprint. Special attention was focused on reducing internal friction: roller rockers are used to reduce noise and increase mechanical efficiency. The Piaggio 350 single-cylinder is the first scooter engine to adopt a motorcycle multi plate wet clutch to ensure better and more consistent performance even with elevated thermal stress, eliminating the possible jolts common to transmission systems when starting and ensuring an extraordinary driving experience. Such technical solutions, along with the automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), which was developed ad hoc, have brought about a weight reduction of about 10 kg compared to a 400. Crankshaft performance is very high: maximum power is over 30 hp.

Ultimate safety: three wheels, ABS and ASR

The three new Piaggio MP3 models use an ABS system integrated with ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation). The ASR (first brought to scooters by Piaggio) can be easily disconnected and guarantees safety by keeping the rear wheel from slipping on dangerous surfaces like wet asphalt.

The three channel ABS system, developed in collaboration with Continental, maximizes active safety preventing wheel blockage when braking and providing full control of the vehicle at all times. The Piaggio MP3 employs an all-disc braking system on the three wheels, with a disc diameter of no less than 258 mm. Greater safety and an even smoother ride are provided by the large 13 inch diameter front wheels.

The Piaggio MP3 also owes its success to exclusive patented Piaggio technology for the dual independent, tilting front wheels regulated by a unique four bar linkage suspension, which the leading Group in Europe designed and developed before any other manufacturer in the world to ensure maximum riding pleasure in complete safety. The roll mechanism is made up of four fused aluminium arms linked to four hinges that are firmly connected to the central sleeve, and two side sleeves connected to the arms by means of pivots and ball bearings. Inside the side sleeves, the right-hand and left-hand steering tube rotates in a classic single-arm set-up.

The blocking mechanism for the front suspension, a distinguishing feature of the 3-wheel Italian scooter, transforms the balance of the Piaggio MP3 from dynamic to static. Start up the Piaggio MP3 and it stays in balance on the three wheels without the need for a stand (fitted nonetheless). To resume normal operation accelerate or use the dedicated push button. This means you never need to put your foot in the ground and you can park the Piaggio MP3 anywhere, easily and without effort.

Piaggio multimedia platform connected at all times by smartphone

The sophisticated Piaggio Multimedia Platform, available from among the many accessories for the Piaggio MP3 illustrated in the catalogue, connects your smartphone to the on-board electronic system, turning it into a multi-purpose instrument: a computer able to simultaneously display such data as speed, revs, engine power and torque in real time, as well as acceleration in a straight line, tilt in cornering, average and current fuel consumption, average speed and battery voltage among a host of other functions. A smartphone connected with the Piaggio Multimedia Platform can also be used to display maps and routes or to find the location, for example, of petrol stations or support services. The tyre condition control function synergistically exploits the vehicle's sensors and the smartphone to monitor tyre wear and inflation, immediately warning the user before potentially critical situations arise. while the general analysis function allows overall vehicle condition check.

A complete range of accessories

The range of accessories for Piaggio MP3 is based on a precise design philosophy: to provide maximum on-board comfort and maximum functionality in daily use, to make the life of the commuter easier.

The large rear top box, which can be unhooked rapidly and has a 50 litre capacity, can house two full-face helmets. The upper shield is painted the same colour as the vehicle and has a comfortable backrest to make the passenger's ride more enjoyable. The top box is also available in the 37-litre version.

For daily use and in all environmental conditions, the windshield accessory, in high quality anti-chip material, guarantees optimum protection from the air and weather. A great deal of care is put into aesthetics, with rods with the same finish as other vehicle details.

In addition the leg-covering fabric, an increasingly important accessory for commuters whatever the season and regardless of weather conditions, was designed to provide maximum warmth and protection against the rain. The fabric is designed for the vehicle and for perfect safety, and is stable even at high speeds. To guarantee maximum comfort in every situation a new kit of accessories that can be heated is also available: a heated unit to be inserted in the leg cover and heated hand grips, that can be regulated through a specific control unit that allows for four different temperatures.

Protecting the rider and expanding the functionality of the Piaggio MP3 is also achieved by means of: thermal and waterproof protection for the hands, the Tunnel Bag, comfortably nested behind the leg shield back plate, electronic anti-theft systems and mechanical "handle-saddle" and finally the Comfort Gel saddle, which has gel inserts under the lining to provide maximum comfort to the rider and passenger.

Accessories enhance the technology on board: exclusive technology also includes the new Piaggio Sound System (PSS), developed by the Piaggio Innovation Research Centre, which allows for audio from a Bluetooth source to be played directly from the vehicle itself, without speakers.

The TomTom Vio is also available (standard on the Piaggio MP3 500 Business), and is the first Tom Tom navigator dedicated to scooters. It was exclusively developed for the Piaggio Group and features personalised packaging, cover and splash screen.

A new range of helmets is available with the Piaggio MP3 range offering hi-tech design, safety, comfort and maximum protection.

The new modular helmet, with an original aerodynamic shape, is available in colours that match the white and green of the Piaggio MP3. Lightweight and comfortable, the (Piaggio personalised) interior fittings can be removed and washed. The helmet comes with a retractable sun visor and a chin guard that can be opened with just one hand.

Helmets in the PJ line include interesting technical and stylistic features, with innovative head design and exclusive side fastening and a large, protective visor. The breathable interior fittings can be removed and washed. The PJ range of helmets has two configurations: PJ with dual visor (normal and sunscreen) and PJ1 with recessed sunscreen visor.

A more urban jet helmet with a long visor is also available and is equally very protective; it comes with a retractable sun visor and several air intakes to ensure proper ventilation. The interior fittings can be removed and washed. Available in three colours (white, black and grey) to match the colours of the Piaggio MP3.

The new demijet Carbonskin helmet features a Demijet shell with a double visor (transparent external visor and disappearing sun visor). This helmet offers a really easy, lightweight fit, with interior fittings that can be extracted and washed and micrometric closure. The look is established by the matt black shell and a longitudinal band of leatherette that echoes a carbon-fibre pattern. 

Engine Type

Single-cylinder 4-stroke

Displacement CC


Bore X Stroke

78 mm x 69 mm

Fuel Tank Capacity

12 L


Electric with oil-bath free wheel

Transmission Type

CVT with torque server

Dimensions LxWxH

2225 mm x 800 mm x 1500 mm


1500 mm

Seat Height

790 mm

Tyre Size Front

Tubeless 110/70-13

Tyre Size Rear

Tubeless 140/60-14''

Brakes Type Front

Two 258 mm discs

Brakes Type Rear

240 mm disc

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