Wed, 30 Mar 2016

New Piaggio Liberty

Stylish, lightweight, easy to ride, high performance and environmentally friendly: liberty is completely new but it remains faithful to the values which made it a success

The new generation of Piaggio I-Get engines makes its début, the result of a brand new design philosophy which makes customer satisfaction its primary objective, thanks to the exceptional construction quality, reduced consumption and brilliant performance.

Piaggio Liberty is a milestone in two-wheeled mobility development. It is synonymous with independence and freedom. Introduced in its first version in 1997, Liberty is one of those rare products that, model after model, has managed to remain faithful to itself and its name, continuously modernising and meeting the needs of new generations of customers.

Piaggio Liberty has skilfully achieved great success, finding favour with the most advanced customers, because of its ability to meet the needs of mobility and freedom with a formula that combined style, light weight, an easy ride and safety.
After 18 years of successful sales to the tune of more than 900 thousand units, Piaggio Liberty is completely reborn but in line with the values that inspired the original project and with the goal of meeting the demand - increasingly stronger - for a vehicle characterised by superior quality levels, lightweight and sturdy, easy to use but with impeccable performance and with high technological content at the service of safety, such as the ABS braking system that comes standard on the 125 and 150 cc versions.

New engines, new ergonomics, new active safety systems and new elegant lines to go with the large diameter wheels which, from the very first Liberty, gave a compact scooter all the dynamic safety of superior class vehicles, contributing to it being concretely established in the “high wheel” segment.

The Piaggio Liberty transformation is not simply an evolution, it is a true rebirth which, building on the principles that inspired the first Liberty, has produced a completely new, technologically advanced vehicle on the roads today, but one that is extraordinarily coherent with the heritage of a true best-seller, designed to meet the most advanced and modern needs in terms of quality, style, safety, operating economy and environmental friendliness.

The dimensions have increased and, along with them, so has comfort in the saddle. New and technological engines are here, the front wheel diameter has increased and consequently so have the active safety margins. The light weight, user friendliness and natural charm of the product remain unchanged, even in the presence of a more “important” vehicle, confirming Liberty as a scooter capable of satisfying the widest variety of customers: from the very young who will find the new Piaggio as a perfect entry level vehicle, to the young and more mature rider looking for safe, easy mobility with low operating costs.

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