Film & Photoshoots Hire

Need a branded Vespa for an advertising campaign, a fleet of delivery vehicles for your restaurant or bikes for your team of handymen and women?

We have a wide range of vehicles available for hire for film & photo-shoot work including Vespa's - vintage and new, a selection of scooters including futuristic 3-wheelers, Piaggio APE vans and *motorcycles ranging from vintage to modern sports bikes.

For the advertising industry, we’re very creative & flexible, possessing lots of experience in helping to bring your ideas into being. We have a paint shop catering for re-sprays in any colour and work with vinyl wrapping companies to turn your ideas into reality. We understand the demands of the industry and work closely with our clients - listening, interpreting and recommending.

Our workshop is innovative and skilled at finding solutions to problems and we also offer repair and maintenance work.

Call us on 020 7404 3939 to discuss your needs or leave us a message here.

LM and Riders
*Motorcycle hire from our sister company,

**Piaggio’s new ‘Honda-beater’, the water-cooled Medley 125cc comes with ABS, stop-start technology and 134 mpg on the WMT cycle. With long service intervals and an OTR price of £3,500.00, it’s the local delivery bike of the future.