Wed, 04 Jul 2018

Celebrate 50 years of Primavera with the 50th Anniversary model

Vespa's Primavera range is a name known by many in the bike and scooter world, with now 50 years of grand success as the family excels around the globe. Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday without something to shout about and Vespa have brought around two special edition colour options, giving riders the ability to proudly celebrate the birthday while enjoying the freedom of a new scooter.

Choose from the gorgeous baby blue Azzurro 50, or the deep bronze-brown Marrone 50 with the anniversary edition. Our favourite is the beautiful Azzurro 50, with its accenting white tones found across the seat, footrests and more. Seriously beautiful, but the beauty goes far beyond just the frame. Of course, you're riding a reliable, tried, trusted and tested machine for over 50 years, updated and eloquently taking on the ride all these years later. 

Get in touch today by our website here, or by enquiring through the Primavera 50cc 50th Anniversary here, and the Primavera 125cc 50th Anniversary here and order your machine before they're gone, as this special edition won't be around forever.