Wed, 04 Jul 2018

The all-new exclusive Primavera 50 and Primavera Yacht Club special editions

The latest to grace the Vespa Primavera range is the new Primavera special Yacht Club editions, giving the select few riders that buy one, the chance to be part of an exclusive club within the already exclusive Vespa lovers family. Starting at what we see first, the gorgeous frame of the Yacht Club edition comes with a blend of finesse typically found in the world of sailing, added to the usual classy style of the Vespa Primavera range.

Coated in a luscious white body, accented finely by a beautiful marine, navy blue to add a smooth contrast as your eyes follow the smoothly-flowing curves of its body. Perfect for riders looking to start their journey aboard two wheels as the Primavera Yacht Club edition comes in both the Primavera 50cc and 125cc engine size, giving access to riders starting at both ages 16 and 17 on just a CBT. 

Don't be deceived though, the Yacht Club Primavera models are powered by an air-cooled four-stroke engine, equipped with electronic injection to offer maximum quality of life for your ride and top-tier reliablity. Excelling whether commuting or just taking on the city for fun, with fantastic fuel consumption and low emissions. 

Those looking for a unique ride to carry the Vespa name proudly should look towards this special edition scooter. You'll truly be standing out on a machine owned by few, and guaranteed a ride with many years of history, heritage and support. You can find more details on the Primavera Yacht Club 50 here and the Primavera Yacht Club 125 here.